Reach on Facebook you are using social media as part of your marketing you will probably be concerned with the REACH. In a nutshell this is the number of people who have seen your post. This matters because the higher your reach the more influence you have. When you have gifts that you want to share with the world it matters that you can get your message out.

With Facebook, the thing to remember is that you don’t own the media and therefore cannot book your reach, you can only do your best to be as appealing as possible.
Here are three known ways of increasing your reach.
• Make posts about subjects known to be of interest to the people you want to talk to.
• Include pictures or video.
• Disclose something personal in your post.

I had a conversation today, where it was discussed that social media can seem very impersonal. It’s true that it can seem this way when you are writing for anyone. For myself I find it much easier to post if I have a particular person in mind when writing the post.

Here’s an infographic from social media to illustrate how Facebook reach works. It was first published in 2015 but I still find it relevant today.

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