How to create a blog to reach more clients

Emily, a nutrition and fitness coach wanted material for social media posts.  Would blogging be of help? She wanted posts linking back to her website to collect email addresses for her mailing list Emily had attained her  nutrition and fitness training qualifications in 2015 and had been achieving notable results for her clients since then.…

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Is writing a blog a waste of time?

To blog or not to blog

  I had a conversation with a client recently around the question of whether she should start a blog. She’d wanted to blog for business  for some time but it turned out there were a lot of thoughts buzzing around in her head preventing her from starting.  She was stuck wanting to create a blog…

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How to get started writing your business blog and reasons to have one

When you are working in a business because you love doing what you do, time spent with clients may seem more important than writing the blog.   You have possibly thought about having a blog but not really taken the subject seriously yet.  Perhaps you are regularly creating posts on social media and wondering, what is…

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Writing help

Writing as part of Marketing   There are some days when I need to write something and it doesn’t come to me.  Does this happen to you?  You need inspiration, information or motivation.   If you have chosen writing as one of your methods of communication, then writing is something you are probably aiming to…

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The Problem With Writing a New Online Marketing Blog

problem with writing a blog post

 Answers to your new Online Marketing Blog questions You have probably been told you  need an online marketing blog and a website because it will help market you and your business effectively. Do you have thoughts like I did when  I first came across blogging? How will I do it? I’m not a writer? Who’s going to…

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