Talking about what you do

Talking about what you do is a huge step in getting clients

Are you avoiding this responsibility?

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about what you do. This is perilous for your business as if no-one knows what you do, how can they want what you offer. Are you one of those people who sometimes shirks away from this opportunity to explain the benefits that your service can offer.

Explaining what you do is a big step towards getting clients



You know the scenario, you’re at a networking meeting and people are asking about you. Because you are at an early stage in your business you’d rather talk about the last role you had with a fancy job title and a big company than little old you start up expecting the world to take notice of what you have to offer.

Why is it easier to talk about something else?

Now let’s look at why you might find it easier to talk about your previous role or voluntary work for a large company rather than what you have Chosen to do for a living. Part of the problem is that you fear the reaction from the person you are talking to. There are many barriers in your head that stop you from talking about it. Do any of these sounds familiar? There’s too many people already doing what I do? I’m still at an early stage, I’d better wait a while? If I do say what I do they’ll probably thin – who is she/he to be bold enough to do that?
Containing in this fashion is NOT going to help you to build the successful business you desire.

Here's how to speak about what you do

• Really understand the benefits of what you do and speak about the benefits
• Talk to a previous client and ask them to explain how it felt to work with them. When you are asked what you do, explain this experience.
• Ask one of your Peer Group or someone who is working within your industry to explain what they think you do. Test if their explanation matches what you think you do and if there’s a huge gap – work on getting a better explanation out to your peer group.
• Say an affirmation each morning to clarify in your own mind what you do

Try at least one of these solutions to help you explain what you do.

If you are one of those people who’d rather have dental treatment than explain to someone what you do, take stock and examine why this is.  It may just be a sense of fear, it may be that there are aspects of your work that you have not fully examined from a clients point of view, or a combination of these things.  There are ways to get better at this and feel happy to talk about your work.  By talking about your work begin to get people interested in what you can do for them, and that leads to more clients.

I’d like to know what you personally have found works to help you explain what you do. Please let me know through the comment box below.

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