This is what drives an ideal client

Sally a physiotherapist was wondering how she could improve on the service offered to clients.  She found herself thinking about this question after reading the story here.

 Joanne walked into Juliana’s Restaurant across the road from his office. She had been going there for the past five years ever since she changed offices. Their meals were scrumptious. Juliana’s Restaurant’s services were excellent too. The total amount of time a customer could wait before being attended to was at maximum two minutes: and while you waited, one of the waiters would walk to your table and after a few pleasantries kindly request you to wait a moment because you would be served shortly. Joanne loved going there because it made her feel good.

After Two years of lunching at Juliana’s she had requested the restaurant management to set up a few tables outside so she could enjoy the sunshine.  They informed her that they would look into it. A month later, Joanne was pleased when she came for her usual lunch and was ushered to one of the tables that had been set up at outside.  She was happy because she felt that her idea had been utilized by the restaurant. Customers usually feel good about themselves and the business that they frequent when they realize that their inputs are making the business even more successful.

Over the five years, she could not remember ever leaving Juliana’s thinking that that day’s meal was not up to scratch. Their meals were Mediterranean. The restaurant experimented with everything and the output was always brilliant. That afternoon, there was something new on the menu; Seabass with sizzled ginger, chili and spring onions; and she was going to try it out because she trusted Juliana’s cooking. Juliana’s restaurant management knew that their customers craved creativity and they were going to give them just that. There were other times when Joanne would custom order her meals and it would be prepared while she waited. This made her feel in control of the services that she loved buying.  Juliana’s knew that allowing customers the chance to custom order their meals made them feel important and appreciated. As Joanna headed back to her office that afternoon, she felt satisfied and sure that Juliana’s was offering the best solution to her lunchtime needs.



How does this story make you feel?

Do your clients tell you what they want?

Do you act on it?

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Are you missing out on really getting to know what your clients want, whether you are providing emotional services, training services or physical services.?


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