Time to find the joy in your marketing

It’s time to get rid of the overwhelm around marketing

If you’re feeling that marketing is a relentless cycle of ‘showing up’ ‘making noise’ ‘being seen’, building up techniques and doing, it’s no wonder that as an entrepreneur you feel dread at the thought of marketing.   Where does the endless droning lead to?
I get it.  This drive to put on what you may see as a show, can play havoc with your soul. It can almost seem like being whipped to produce, especially when your time is limited.
I heard someone in one of my networking groups describe this as ‘churning in a washing machine.’  I knew exactly what she meant.  That feeling of tumbling round and round and round.  Uncomfortable, endless, energy sapping, especially if the end of the cycle is a long way away.


Marketing tasks have a reason

Clearly the reason why you do marketing tasks, is because you want to keep on attracting gorgeous clients. You want to make money, get a lifestyle and/or do what your passionate about. I’m sure you’d agree.


Get a focus to make the most of your time

For the moment you as an entrepreneur decide to do our own marketing and time a resource in limited supply. You also have Networking to go to, client conversations, and perhaps a few hours a week when you work for someone else. I know…there aren’t enough hours in the week.  Getting a focus will help you make the most of what time you have.  You can start this by working out your aims and setting aside a specific amount of time for marketing.


The solution is to think about what’s best for you

First consider your own situation. Maybe you only work 3 days a week! Perhaps you don’t yet feel that you have enough knowledge to do all this marketing. Perhaps you’re doing everything yourself or you really don’t like Facebook. Consider carefully whether ‘experts’ who tell you to post 3 times a day on twitter, once a day on Facebook, create beautiful infographics etc. are really talking to you? Their message is aimed at someone else, who has a need of intensive publicity, businesses who are such heavy users of marketing that they need an agency or staff member who can post twice a day for them.  When you get to that stage you’ll be glad to have someone you can delegate the task to.

Start by thinking about what you need to get from your marketing and what is the best and most effective way to achieve it.  i.e. Decide on your best strategy:  Contacting a select few people directly, networking, platform marketing, emailing, speaking, etc.


Creating marketing is creating loving communications



Think about what you can create that contains your message, explains your value, explains the benefits you bring. Decide on youro best platform or channel. This might be a blog, videos, podcasts, workshops, speaking, beautiful social media posts.

Make your marketing revolve around your time schedule, who you want to speak to and what you want to say.
Imagine or visualise setting up a routine that’s right for you so that each day you wake up excited at the ONE most important thing you are going to do to keep in touch with your clients or if you are building a business attracting potential clients How good would this feel?  When what you are doing is in your competence zone and you see a clear purpose you can start to feel the joy again.




Set up a longer-term marketing plan

For your longer-term plan, you can set aside time to research and find out information about other types of activities that can be used for your marketing and plan to build them into your system gradually whilst still feeling relaxed about what you are doing now.

I know that it’s possible to set up the actions that are right for you NOW.   I work with clients who want to go off in several directions at once.  My job is to help them decide what they enjoy and to see the wisdom of focusing on something they have decided is right for them and not get distracted along the way.


If you feel that marketing is a daily chore you could do without it’s time to look at it in a different way.  Recognise why you want to do marketing (Attract new clients – make money) sketch out   what you have time for and start to build up a rhythm so that you are focusing on what you’ve chosen to do.


What helped you to find the area of marketing you love?  What makes you feel like you are churning? Let me know in the comments box.


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