Is writing a blog a waste of time?

To blog or not to blog


I had a conversation with a client recently around the question of whether she should start a blog. She’d wanted to blog for business  for some time but it turned out there were a lot of thoughts buzzing around in her head preventing her from starting.  She was stuck wanting to create a blog but not taking the first step in setting up her blog.


I was curious to know more about her thoughts so I asked her what was going through her mind that was getting in the way of her creating her blog.  She shared with me all the questions that were running through her head.


How do I post my blog online?

How do I find material to put into my blog?

What happens if I start it and can’t find any more material to write about?

What if no-one reads my blog?

Is writing a blog going to waste my valuable time or is it a good investment for my business?


Another thing that came up for the client was that she said she’d always wanted to write.  “I love jotting down observations in a notebook. I sometimes imagine sitting in a café and writing things that are going to be interesting to my readers.”


I totally understood her feeling that writing could be a joyful experience, but also her concerns as to whether writing was a valuable use of her time because many of my clients come to me with similar concerns.


We had a strategy review call to examine where blogging might fit into her business.  This is the big question; Does blogging as a strategy help you grow your client list and support your income?


Together we went through my client’s online presence to first of all find out what she was already doing and what was working and what wasn’t working for her.


We discovered that her website communicated clearly, but she wasn’t getting as many enquiries as she wanted from it.  She had some social media set up but wasn’t getting many enquiries from that either. She was getting a good stream of work through referrals, but she knew that she really needed to tap into the online world to increase her income and reach more clients.


What we learnt after looking at her business is that there was a gap in her marketing of ways to reach new clients. So, in this instance, because blogging could actually fulfil this gap in her marketing we decided it was a good business strategy for her.


Blogging can be a brilliant business strategy if it fulfils a purpose



Here are the five main reasons that I shared with my client for why using a blog as a marketing tool can really serve your business. It can help you to:


  • Build your credibility through establishing a personal connection to your audience, demonstrating your value and having a platform to share successful case studies or testimonials or stories about your clients.
  • Demonstrate your authority by creating knowledgeable posts on topics of interest to your audience and becoming known as an expert in your field.
  • Grow your ‘know, like and trust’ factor so that when you are ready to invite readers to participate in your events, or services they have no hesitation about your authenticity and choose you as their ‘go to’ person for your particular service or product.
  • Be found by potential new clients as the fresh content provides more material to the major search engines such as Google and for you to share on social media.
  • Educate your readers in a natural way about concepts of interest and value to them in your field of expertise, which also helps to demonstrate the impact of what you do and how you can help.


If you want to enhance one of the areas above in your own business then blogging could be a perfect strategy for you. Again, that’s the key, blogging is a great investment of time and energy if you know why you’re doing it – what purpose is it serving in your business.


Over to you


I’m sure this blog has given you plenty to think about, around whether blogging is a good business strategy. So, from all the reasons above, which would be the main reason you’d pick for starting a blog?  I’d love to hear which one is your main focus, so please let me know  in the comments below.





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