Using inspiration to have conversations

The point of marketing for those of us providing services is to have a conversation.  It’s from the conversation that you will achieve your aim of more clients.

But what about the traditional conversation which is where you can really get to understand your clients.

  • A meeting
  • A phone call
  • A skype/zoom call


Here’s a strategy  for having more conversations


Make yourself visible through the methods you have easily available e.g. speaking at networking meetings, showing up in online groups, posting on your own channels e.g. Facebook Page, doing Facebook Live.


Get inspired

The inspiration part then is to think about who you would most like to speak to.  If you want to trust your inspiration you could take a break from the laptop, distractions etc. and spend some time just letting your mind think about who you would like to have a conversation with.

Once you have that person in mind you will also know the best way to invite them to have a conversation because you will know what their most used channel is e.g. it might be Facebook, LinkedIn, email.  Remember that just because you use Facebook all the time for sending messages there are a huge number of people who never check their Facebook messages.


Write out your invitation and send it to them.   Your invitation could be to ask them a question, invite them for a one to one, invite them to an online call – it’s your choice.


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