I set out on my car journey and chose the Holly Worton podcast that was most appealed to me.  It was the Tina Conroy Interview on using daily routines to get from chaos into flow. I wasn’t expecting to hear the word visioning in this podcast, yet it came up out of the blue and Tina started to explain how she uses visioning as part of her morning rituals.


I had been considering visioning a lot and want to share some of this with you.


My experience of visioning is to create a picture in your mind of something you want to happen. You can put effort into creating the picture. If you are trying to create a picture of something you know very little about it’s ok to do a little research first. The idea is to make a picture that seems very real to you.


I have used this technique to plan out how I would offer the Launchpad programme which takes clients on a journey from where they are to becoming proficient in the aspect of their marketing that is going to most move their business forward.   Before I created Launchpad, I couldn’t quite imagine what it would look like, things like – how long, what to include etc.    I also included in my visioning process the type of clients who would buy the programme, and exactly the type of clients imagined came onto the programme.


Two years ago, I did the same thing for a trip to California.   After I had created the vision all seemed to fit into place and I had 12 months to plan the trip.  When the day arrived to fly it was everything I had imagined.


Visioning from what I have learned recently is not something for best.  Once you have created a vision the idea is to  revisit it regularly. Some  people spend some time each day on the process.  I would like to do this more.


How about you?

Have you found that visioning works?








Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

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