The Five Foundations of Online Marketing

Your Blueprint System for Marketing That Works

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Five foundations of online marketing



  • Thursday May 25th 12.30 lunchtime
  • 12.30 GMT London

Are you stumbling in the dark about having the right marketing process to attract clients?

Do you want more visitors to your website?

Not sure how to write on social media in a way that your ideal clients understand?

Imagine if

You have a process for your marketing

You are enjoying writing your social media working

And you have more visitors to your website who are leaving you their email address.

My name is Gillian Hunt and I specialise in helping solo entrepreneurs like you, providing services they are passionate about to build online foundations for their business so that they are creating a successful business that attracts clients they want.


I would like to invite you to an Online training where you will take away with you:

      • An Explanation of the Five Foundations of Online Marketing so know how to create a marketing system that works
      1. Website
      2. Blog
      3. Social Media
      4. Download offer (Magnet)
      5. Email Marketing
      • What a Marketing Funnel is and the Essential Pieces You Need to Attract Clients
      • How to get time to make your marketing work
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