What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page 2

and why do marketing people use so much jargon?

When your main purpose for being in business is to help clients solve their problems, I guess you started doing this because you liked working with people, not because you wanted to be a marketing expert.

You can’t get further till these things are done

Now you’ve got a base of clients and want to extend your reach, you realise you need have an Online Presence. The problem is that everyone you speak to is using words that seem like they’re from another planet, they’re asking if you’ve set up your landing pages, if you have an email service provider if you are vlogging yet.  It seems you can’t get any further till these things are done.  If you want to increase either the number of clients or your income level something has to change and you’ve sussed out that it probably is getting an amazing online presence that’s going to move you from early stages to fully fledged.

You know that marketing is the way you talk or reach out to people not yet in your own immediate circle.  It’s part of the process leading to more clients or higher fees and so it’s become really clear to you that need to do more of the onnline stuff.

Are they making you feel an outsider?

But why all the jargon words for things that you ‘absolutely must do’ Have a landing page, squeeze page, lead magnet, tripwire, sales pipeline.  Are they just trying to make you feel outside the game? Are you frazzled because you have no idea what they are and very little interest?

Let’s face it, you work for yourself because you are interested in making the life of your clients better through the service you offer.  You want to spend time with you clients, developing your profession and, if there’s any time left, to spend with family and friends, not have marketing consuming your life.

But you need to be Online to get the clients

One day, when you have enough money flowing in, you will be delighted to outsource all this online paraphernalia but for now, it must be done by you and it doesn’t seem an enjoyable task.

Let me give you one or two definitions now to help you

Landing page

A web page that you want potential clients to visit so that they can find out more about a programme you are offering.  It can be a page on your website or a separate online page.

Squeeze page

Similar to a landing page but it doesn’t have menu bars at the top.  The science is that the removal of distractions means the viewer can do only one thing on the form and fill in the box.

Lead Capture

A simple form on a web page asking for your name and email in exchange for your potential client being able to download some free literature.

Email Service Provider

Software (application) that helps you to send bulk emails without being accused of spamming. It has other purposes like reporting and feedback.

Start to enjoy your marketing

Here’s a way that you can start to enjoy marketing:  Use planning and scheduling so you can focus on one thing at a time.  One of the most overwhelming parts about marketing in the early stages is that there’s so much to do.  Having a plan can be an enormous relief as you will have an outline of what you will be doing, estimate of time and can stop being pressured to do everything at once.

Begin to feel accomplished

Get some knowledge on what’s current in marketing.  With a little knowledge about what exactly it is you are supposed to be doing and a system set up, doing these tasks can give you a great sense of accomplishment. Doing marketing can also help you reach your potential in whichever area is your greatest strength e.g. in planning, researching, being creative, talking, listening etc.  This will help you to start to enjoy the time you spend on marketing.  It is part art and part science, constructing ways to explain what you are doing to clients and potential clients who have a need or want for your service.

FREE Cheat Sheet

If you’d like to know more download a FREE cheat sheet with more information on marketing for your business. This is for you to check off where you are up to now and see the things you are already doing and the things that you can start to put in place.  https://escata.co.uk/resources/

I help clients understand the things they need to do to set up their Online Foundations. I show them how to do the parts they can do for themselves and help them choose the most effective order to get things done.


Over to you

What do you really which marketing jargon words do you love or hate?  Post your comments in the box below.

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