What to do when all you want is new clients

You’ve done the training, it was hard work but worth it.  The only thing missing now is streams of clients.


You’ve worked hard to train for providing a service, followed your passion and branched out to learn something that’s relevant to your life.  This might be NLP, nutrition or something else that requires learning and qualifying.  Your new skillset is interesting and has possibly solved many problems for yourself.  Because you can see the benefits you want to offer it to others and make a living from it. It is of course possible, you just go out networking, meet potential clients, talk to them, they sign up for your offer and you keep going until your week is full.   That’s how you thought it would be…..   so why aren’t the clients flooding in?

Not what you were expecting?

This is what has probably happened:  You’ve planned out the steps, put them into action. But if you missed out a vital step because you didn’t know you had to do it, the result is different from your expectation.

One of the ways in which our brain works is to short cut some phases of a plan we are making. The reason why we do this is because it helps us to plan and categorise things without having to excessively think it through, for example everyone knows that if you go into a self -service eatery, you will find a seat, go to the counter, order your food, pay, collect your order, collect your knives and forks and serviettes then sit down and eat.   Most of the time creating simplified processes in our brain serves us really well and saves the memory having to remember too much information.

Our brains make short cuts

It doesn’t serve us well when we are mapping out a process which is new. We may have to imagine some of the steps or base the process on something that we know from another area of our life. If one of the vital steps is missed out this can mean that we don’t get the result we want.  It’s even more so when it’s a process that we are creating, (as in get more clients coming in)  rather than one we are following (as in go out for a meal)

To get something done – plan out the steps and have

knowledge of the steps



It’s the same with planning out how you will reach your next goal e.g. get more clients in business.  You plan out the steps that are known to you.  This could be for example:  Network - follow up - make the sale.


When it doesn’t happen according to the sequence you’ve planned things can start to get a bit confusing and you can start to feel dejected because things are not happening as you planned them.


Now you may be very lucky and your sheer personality, passion and connections may get you from A to B without a hitch.

But if you do find yourself wondering why the clients aren’t flooding in, it’s time to examine what you are doing and what you should be doing, time to examine whether your brain’s automatic process has simplified the steps and missed out something vital.


You can reach clients when you put the right steps in place

What will help you is to really understand the steps you are taking and where the missing links are.


Having all the right steps in place to reach your new clients will bring you success.  If it’s not happening as quickly as you want it to there could be a missing link.  To find out what the missing link is you can examine all of the steps and discuss it with a coach to analyse what’s missing. I like to talk through with clients the steps and help them to draw out a map of exactly what they are doing, discuss and understand exactly what needs to be done and where the gaps or parts that are not working so well are  and then set up a step by step process to make changes or improvements.


There are some parts of the process which you will possibly know and be familiar with and some parts may be new and need practicing.  The thing is that if you are clear on the end results you want and if you are prepared to practice the steps the process will work.


If you think that you are making the effort and not getting the results and analysis of where you are up to can be of help.  Book a conversation with me and we can together look at your situation and what you should be doing.  mailto:gill@gillianhunt.co


What are your thoughts on setting up processes that work?

Let me know in the comment box.



  • Christine Edun

    November 6, 2017

    Going over areas related to capturing new clients is always benefical

  • Gillian Hunt

    February 16, 2018

    I agree – because attracting new clients is always going to be part of a growing business.

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