WordPress and the new Gutenberg Editor

What is Guttenberg?  It’s the name of the project to create a new editor experience for WordPress and the goal is to create a new post on page editing experience it makes it easy for anybody to create rich post layouts source WordPress.

Gutenberg is a different experience

Version 5.0 of WordPress has the new Gutenberg editor WordPress editor and for those of you who have not yet made the upgrade you will find a different experience when you next come to write your blog posts after the change-over. If you have already started to use this, you will find that it is considerably different to the interface that you have been used to using The main thing but I’ve noticed is that the editor automatically creates these sorts of squares for making content, which is a little bit different from previously when you had the whole screen to write on.  It does seem, once you get used to the editor, more intuitive to use because and you can choose whether you’re writing heading or a subheading or whether you can insert media using the different tools available. It seems to edit from the bottom up – i.e. you add new block of copy above the last one you created.

Check this before upgrading

Here are some recommendations that you should do before upgrading check that your plug-ins are up-to-date create a backup of your website when the upgrade is complete you should then check that everything is still working I for one I’m going to stick with Guttenberg. It is still a learning curve at the moment, but I’m not going to use the classic editor plug-in. how about you?