Wrapping your offer

I bet you have a service that’s packaged so you can invite clients to work with you.

It’s Christmas, so let’s have some fun…What sort of wrapping would you want around your client package? To be clear, what I mean by wrapping is the type of marketing communications you deliver to let people know what you are about.

Tick your favourite and then see what it says about you and your business


  1. Naked

Raw and natural. The real you visible and unmasked. You are known, and clients understand your value and innate gifts


2.Authentic and real

It’s easy to see the love and care you put into making your client feel special



3.Stylish and swish

A Visible statement that your offer is worth every penny you are asking for it. Beautifully designed and expertly written.


4.Reassuringly wise

Validation by important/recognised organisations e.g. Registered NRPC or a testimonial from someone known and respected.



5.Risk limiting

The Guarantee is very visible, so your clients have absolute peace of mind


What does your favourite wrapping say about you and your business?

Check out what it means here.

  1.  Naked, raw and natural

You are already a super star.  You probably have many clients and many followers. Now you are at the stage where you can use word of mouth marketing. Other people recommend you. Your clients soak up every offer you make with gratitude.  The sky is your limit and you plan to  lever your success for higher growth next year. Setting higher goals and keeping on track is an area you may need help with.

  1. Authentic and Real

You aim to offer more authentic value than available from large profit driven corporations. You are passionate about your service and this drives you.  Your own passion is because you’ve already received such benefit yourself that you want to share it with the world.   Marketing may seem slightly uncomfortable and you should seek a channel that you enjoy and that seems authentic to you. Having a marketing partner will lighten your load. You can then extend the reach of your service to let more people know about it.

  1. Stylish and Swish

You recognise that designers and copy-writers are valuable and worth it.  (You may be one yourself) and you have just the right words and an eye-catching design. The investment is worth it because of the value it adds to what you do.  With a good team you are only limited by your ideas, energy and organisational skills to make sure that your plans are on track. Sparking ideas and getting accountability for making the ideas happen with a marketing partner or coach will help you make the most if your talent.

  1. Reassuringly Wise

Your offer is high value and you have recognised that having credentials with national or global organisations gives your clients assurance they have made a wise decision.  You have worked hard to build up qualifications/credentials with these organisations entitling you to use their logo in your marketing. Your next stage is to check in regularly with your planning and keep managing the plans.  A business or marketing manager will help with this.


  1. Risk limiting guarantee

Adding a guarantee is a wise move to give your clients reassurance. When you are good at what you do, it’s unlikely that you will need to refund. You have been upfront enough to create your guarantee which takes some confidence.  This confidence can now be extended further to take your service to new clients. Your efforts in finding new clients are sure to pay off. Your next stage is to keep driving the growth you seek. A coach or marketing partner will keep you moving.


Wrapping is an important part of the offer. I invite you to a FREE consultation to discuss next steps.




Over to you

Is your wrapping matching your business aims?  Do you have another favourite wrapping.  Please share your comment in the box below.

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