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Writing as part of Marketing


There are some days when I need to write something and it doesn’t come to me.  Does this happen to you?  You need inspiration, information or motivation.


If you have chosen writing as one of your methods of communication, then writing is something you are probably aiming to practice every day.

I discussed with a client today a method that I can find helpful to solve some of the writing difficulties.


  • Take a topic – i.e. something that your ideal client wants to know more about.
  • Brainstorm about 5 headings that you thing would cover the main points you want to talk about.
  • Research or gather together your material in outline form.
  • Read through information sources/ or spend time thinking about your own experiences in the area.
  • Set a timer and start writing.


I hope that this may help with your writing.  Was this useful?  Please share your own tips for writing.

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