You want a FAB website

You can have website that speaks to your clients

You’ve been talking about having a website for a while. Not sure if it’s for you. Could you manage with social media? Could you manage with business cards? Chances are you are networking for your business and talking to people in your circles about what you do. However, after that flush of success you could be doing better and reaching out further. But it’s not happening yet.


Could you be one of those people who thinks that marketing is NOT what you do because you don’t know enough about it.  You  know you need to start some marketing activity but just keep putting it off.  There’s a lot to do with all of the other parts of running your business – arranging client meetings, finding networking places, managing finance.  You probably think that there’s a lot of tech stuff to learn and models. A lot of people in business feel like this, especially if they had no formal training. Let me tell you – You can do it.

Perhaps have a good idea on what marketing is, you roughly know how to get your business in front of other people but are still not doing the marketing you need.

Buying Christmas Presents is a bit like marketing

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse. We are all marketers. From the very first time that we had to write a job application, look for a group of friends to be part of, find a place to live, work out what the heck to buy someone for Christmas we were engaging in ‘marketing activities’ it’s a human activity and within your realm.  If you can buy Christmas Presents you can do your marketing.


Some of the reasons that may explain why you aren’t doing your marketing could be because you are seeking:  motivation, support, collaboration, ideas, more information, the right materials, the right pictures, the right words, testimonials from your clients.


When you want to have a website that’s fab and mentions in an authentic way the things you are passionate about, describes the area that you’ve chosen to work in with your clients, it’s good to have a starting point. Getting that website may need a little preparation beforehand.  A grounding in how the pieces fit together.  I offer a starting point and that’s in a programme called ‘Launchpad Online’ it gives a grounding in creating your own an Online Presence.  We talk about streamlining your website to talk to clients.   Click here for more information

So getting a website that works for you is just one part of the things you can do to get clients coming in.  If you are in business it’s hard to avoid doing marketing.  Even if you have had no training in this area it is something you can do.  Help is available and this is whether you know what you are doing and just need some touch paper or want to get help with the basics.

How did you feel when you launched your website.  Let me know


Want to talk about building an Online Presence – call me 07988 616 704 or email:

If you answer YES to any of the above the next Launchpad Online will help you make big bold steps in your desire to market your business.


Photo by Alan Hurt Jr. on Unsplash

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